Relocations - Headphones Encouraged Vol. 1

by Jerry Peerson

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Relocations was written and recorded during, and inspired by Jerry's travels and time living in various locations (as noted on each track's title) between 2013 to 2016.


released January 31, 2017

All songs written, recorded and performed by Jerry Peerson except:

'Moon River'
Vocals by Violeta Peerson
Music performed, arranged and recorded by Jerry Peerson
Written by: Henry Mancini and Johnny Mercer




all rights reserved


Jerry Peerson Dublin, Ireland


15 APRIL, 2017
@ The Hummingbird Saloon, Seattle, WA

21 MAY, 2017
Seattle, WA

22 JUNE, 2017
Seattle, WA

15 July, 2017
@ Hi-Fidelity Lounge
Bremerton, WA

21 July, 2017
Seattle, WA
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Track Name: Stranger Things (Boston)
Blizzard town benefits from myths of parallels
Emerald home forgive them for we know it’s laughable
Their sporty teams on TV screens
Have nothing on your music scene
The snow is piling high and that’s not all

Oooo at another time and without a trace
Of feeling overwhelmed due to your embrace, perhaps
Stranger things have happened...

Though unlikely that it’s meant to be
Your dollars and prestige don’t mean much to me, oh no
I hear the call of the Sound

Photographs romanticize the essence of
But hidden is the ambience
Macho men in baseball caps
(vs.) Tranny on the hill doing backflips
The snow is piling high and that’s not all

Oooo at another time after ample space
When we’re feeling less fractured due to your embrace, perhaps
Stranger things have happened…

Though it’s doubtful that it’s meant to be
Your dollars and prestige don’t mean much to me, oh no
I hear the call of the Sound.
Do you hear the call of the Sound?

Emerald home forgive them for we know it’s laughable
Track Name: Carry On (Yangon)
Drifting shadows fading in and out of mind, sometimes pernicious some(times) kind
Dreaming without filters or a sense of time, vanishing or haunting you (somewhere) down the line

Oh, oh this is home now
More accurate a place to rest my head
Oh, oh belonging, seldom said

Nostalgia comes a creeping without warning
Subconscious impossible to mum
Even after searching deep inside yourself
Sure enough an underlying hum

Oh, oh this is home now
Reflection and direction on my mind
Oh, oh belonging, all in time

Like waves beat the shore these feelings we endure
(Whether) drifting in the sunshine or treading through a storm, carry on
Existence meets resistance, the darkness always falls before the dawn
So carry on…

Drifting shadows fading in and out of mind, sometimes pernicious, some(times) kind
Track Name: Pensive Ballet (Dublin/Yangon)
Hey my friend, it’s sometimes what I call you
Now and then a ghost
Another spin is just around the corner
It’s just around the corner, hold on

It’s a whimsical stay at times
And a pensive ballet sometimes
Either way your shadows always on display

Is your mythical mind at play
Or a daydream parade to that’ll take you away
Either way your reflections always on display
Either way…

Hey my friend the places that you take me
Confuse and educate me (all) at once.
But in the end introspection’s not an illness
And in fact there is (a) stillness
Track Name: NvN (Hanoi/Yangon)
Lurking right before my eyes
Hiding there in daylight
Haunting those who are unlike

Nature verses nurture
Was it nurture

I don’t know what it is that turns you off
then turns you on.
All I know is what you do
it turns me off
it won’t be long

It’s much too late
There’s no debating what you are
You’ve gone too far
Now be gone

But leave behind what is rightfully mine
my mind.

Was it nature
Or nurture
It’s all the same to me
Track Name: Mea Culpa, RB (Boston)
Before I ever lost the chance to say goodbye
There were reasons to apologize
I was blind

I tried to be transparent, turned out camouflage
An oblivious self-sabotage

Sincere attempts to survive my mind's interventions and unease
Were undermined and overwhelmed
I couldn't take it
I know I wasted it now

Although many winters fade
I am haunted everyday
I inadvertently betrayed the three of us

I know you don't wanna see my face again
I didn't even know it was the end...'til it was
(But) it was not an experiment or aimless spree
Like it or not you're still a part of me
It's plain to see

Sincere attempts to refuse the sense
of insecurities were made
And patiently you waited 'til you couldn't take it
Forced you to break it...cleanly

Although many summers slip by
I'm haunted every time
I gaze upon the city skyline that you painted
No, I'm not so naive to believe the chance will come along
So I confess to you through song
Mea culpa
Track Name: Hey Hey Hey (Yangon)
Fifteen hours seven thousand miles
Calls attention this run is no trial
Hey Hey Hey

Sea and ocean nautical miles
Takes six thousand just to get you to smile
Hey Hey Hey

Wait, can we slow it down
Place and ear to ground today
There may be evidence to help my case
Pick a memory before it fades

I swear that I was there
By your side, this much is clear

Don’t forget to gaze upon the map
Pins on every place.
When in doubt just look around…

The dives of Capitol Hill
The still of Somerville
The shade from Shwedagon

And on
And on
We belong
Track Name: In the Silence (Seattle)
In the silent room I think of you
You know
Morning sun lights the sky, for you twilight
I know

This space consumed by feeling displaced
I’m a tourist in my town without you around
Oh no

But we will endure. We must…

In this rising tide I feel I’m swimming without a compass
This great divide spawning dissonance deep inside

Aware the currents of the world
Can wash me far off course
I’ll throw myself a line before I’m pulled under

How can we lose sight of how fortunate we are
For some it seems the more they have
The more to whine about
Oh no…

And you, you’re my beacon through the fog
My H to B, uh huh
I’ll be a tourist in our town ‘til you’re around again

And we will endure, together
We will endure, together
We will endure, together